The UX4 - An Incredibly Versatile DIY Furniture Kit

An Incredibly Versatile DIY Furniture Kit

Made with Kickstarter

We partnered with Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern to design a DIY furniture kit that makes building your own furniture easy and fun. The UX4 Kit is a set of four steel brackets that lets you turn 2x4s into endless variations of quality custom furniture. In April, we introduced The UX4 Kit to the Kickstarter community with tremendous success as we nearly doubled our funding. For those who missed out on our Kickstarter campaign, we’re making the UX4 Kit available for preorder. First batch supplies are limited so get your set today!

A UX4 Dining Table Build

Versatile Design

Sketches of the UX4 Design

All spaces are not created equal, as many us know from experience. The UX4 Kit was designed to fit any nook and cranny that needs a surface. Whether you have a tiny studio, a sprawling loft, or your mom’s guest room, The UX4 Kit is a great way to furnish your space with the exact piece you need.

Naturally Durable

Durable Steel UX4 Bracket in construction

The UX4 Steel brackets have a whopping weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, allowing you to make things like dining tables and shared workspaces. 2x4s are the most common building materials in the country, used for things like framing an entire house, so yeah, we’re pretty confident your UX4 furniture will last. Learn more about different kinds of 2x4s here

Fair Price

UX4 Avaialable for Pre-Order at

Well-designed furniture usually comes with a hefty price tag. We want to bring this innovative kit to the people, not the select few. The price you see + shipping fees are the lowest costs we found, pinky promise. We would never sacrifice our customer’s experience and happiness for our own monetary gain, it’s just not how we roll.

Blogs & Publications that have featured the UX4 Bracket

UX4 Builds

@vintagerevivals 15 minute UX4 Glass Dining Table

@vintagerevivals 15 minute UX4 Glass Dining Table

@andyvasquezfurniture stained his UX4 build and tapered the 2x4s for a more modern look

@andyvasquezfurniture stained his UX4 build and tapered the 2x4s for a more modern look

Our standard UX4 Coffee Table with 17” 2x4s

Our standard UX4 Coffee Table with 17” 2x4s

X4 stool concept via a kickstarter backer

UX4 stool concept via a kickstarter backer

About UX4

UX4 Bracket Dimensions UX4 Color Offerings UX4 Assembly Examples


  • The UX4 Bracket Kit includes 4 steel, powder coated (or raw steel) brackets, hardware, and guidelines for assembly.

  • Brackets are bent and welded steel, measuring 6 x 3.75 x 2.74 in.

  • Color Options: White, Black, Orange, Blue, Copper, and Raw Steel

  • General Table Assembly: Screw any standard 2x4 into each bracket, choose a good surface, attach your bracketed legs with the remaining screws, and you have yourself a table!

Shipping Soon

UX4 Packaging Shipp Soon

Ships September 2016

We’re working hard to deliver your kits as fast as we can. They are already in production and we are currently scheduled to start shipping in September 2016.


1. When will I receive my Ux4 Kit?

We know you’re excited to get building, we’re excited for you! Post Kickstarter, we immediately launched into the tooling and production of the brackets. They are currently in production and we should be able to ship them out before October 1, 2016 if you purchase before August 30th. We will send you email updates on shipping dates and tracking numbers.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Because of all of the international requests on our Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to open up shipping to our international friends. We only charge our customers what we get charged to ship, however, international shipping can get expensive depending on where you live.

3. At what degree should I cut the bottom of the 2x4s so that it lays flush on the floor?

Cut your 2x4 leg bottoms at a 15 degree angle to get them to lay flush to the floor.

4. What is included in the Ux4 Kit?

Each UX4 Kit includes 4 steel brackets, 12 long screws, 16 short screws, and some general instructions for assembly. We leave the rest up to your creativity.

5. Do you have instructions to different builds?

Yes! Here are the instructions to build a coffee table, a desk, and a dining room table: We leave the rest up to your creativity.

6. How do I prevent floor scratching from the 2x4s?

There are tons of caps and pads available at your local hardware store that will help protect your floor. Here are a few great inexpensive options: 2x4 Inch End Cap, Heavy Duty Felt Pads, or Nail On Felt Pads.

7. Do the brackets have a protective coating?

Each color of the UX4 brackets are powder coated, protecting the steel from weather and general wear and tear. However, the Raw Steel UX4 brackets do not have a protective coating, making them best suited for those looking for that ‘industrial look’, as the raw steel will rust over time.

8. How large of a table top can the UX4s accommodate?

The largest table we have tested one UX4 kit on is 72x36 in. Although we don't have a specific size limit, if you are using an exceptionally large table, we recommend using two sets of UX4 brackets, (8 total) for the extra support you may need.