The Inspiration: Ricardo Camargo

Ricardo Camargo and his wife Anna moved from Canada to Vermont to start a new career at one of the biggest snowboard companies in the world, Burton Snowboards. With a fresh start in a new town, they started to think about finding a place of their own. Starting on a small budget and recognizing the lack of creativity in other homes around them, they began to design and fix up places as they moved from one home to another. Each house was a new canvas to paint with personal style and fill with unique pieces they collected throughout their world travels.

Soon, they started a new chapter in their lives as they welcomed their two children – Emerson and Palma – raising them in an environment of artistry and originality. Their children grew up with the understanding that populating your space is an opportunity for personal expression. After moving to California, surf, snow, skate, as well as art and design influenced their lifestyle. However, when it came to making choices for designing their own spaces, the family still found it hard to find anything that wasn’t generic or pre-packaged.

So, with a background in product design, a strong DIY nature and serious boredom with the boring everyday offerings like plaid and paisley, Ricardo’s vision was established. He knew there was opportunity in the HomeGoods space for a unique brand that would shake up the way people think about their rooms and provide a variety of art-inspired, meaningful products that would immediately impact the look and feel of people’s rooms, turning them into desirable spaces. He calls these products “RoomGoods”.

And that’s how SWENYO was born. The word SWENYO is the phonetic spelling of the Spanish word “sueño,” which translates to “dream”. SWENYO is the result of years of discovery and the idea that if you don’t see what you want, you can create it. And we’re here to make it a little easier.

At SWENYO, our mission is to inspire the youth of the world to revolutionize their living spaces. We want to empower people to dream, to question their space, and discover their personal style. Join us. We can promise you one thing…the journey won’t be boring.