SWENYO is on a mission to inspire creative living in personal spaces.

Hi, we’re SWENYO, and we’re a small crew of design enthusiasts on a mission to bring you great products and inspirational content to make the best of your living spaces. We believe that personal spaces should be a creative expression of who you are and the memories you’ve made. Whether you just moved in and need all of the essentials or you’re looking for small and innovative ways to switch up your room, apartment, or home, we hope to inspire you to question your space.

Our products are designed for you and made to move, meaning we take the time to make them last from your first apartment to your final nesting place, without sacrificing good design. Sourcing from the best factories worldwide, our products are born from a cross-section of our California lifestyles and a refined taste derived from art and culture. We are constantly striving to bring you the coolest products that also bring value and creativity to your spaces.

Based in Encinitas, CA, we soak in all of our surroundings, always looking for inspiration. We strive to be observant and offer a fresh perspective with everything we touch. Question Your Space isn’t just about your physical environments. It’s about discovering perspectives that feed your creative life, whatever that may be.

This active community is filled with artists, makers, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals. A place laced with opportunity, we love taking it all in. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, visit our store and come say hi! We’d love to show you around.